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Hello! We are Jennie and Matt Horvath, the owners of Wimberley Gardens. We have worked hard to restore this beautiful property and are excited to see it once again become a community staple welcoming families near and far.

Matt has owned and operated a successful landscaping business in the Wimberley area for several years with the dream of one day owning his own nursery. He worked in a nursery for nearly 20 years and managed it for almost a decade, so to finally see his dream come to fruition is a blessing. The landscaping business has been a family project with Jennie and her three girls working right along side Matt. 

With Matt’s experience and Jennie’s love for gardening, they hope to create a community backyard where families can come to find the perfect plants for their garden or just to have a picnic to enjoy the property. We hope you will join us and enjoy the new Wimberley Gardens. See you soon!

Landscape Design

We currently offer Landscape Design Services. Work with our in-house designer, Emily, to plan your perfect garden! Emily will gather your information and work with you to create a plan for your residential space. Fill out the form below to submit for a quote.

Meet Emily

Emily comes to us with over 8 years of experience in different aspects of the design field…..from head of business development for a major landscape architect to overseeing design and installation for commercial, residential, and institutional jobs.

She has a degree in landscape architecture from UCLA and now calls Wimberley home, where she lives with her husband and two kids. When she’s not busy designing, on paper or in her head, she’s outside playing in any water she can find (yes, even puddles!), rowing on the river in Austin or trying not to hit rock while planting plants in her yard.

Emily takes a holistic approach to restore landscapes through design that balances human use and respect for nature.  She believes this can be accomplished on multiple scales, from a small backyard to a multi-acre landscape, all while maintaining an aesthetic that responds to the architecture of the place and the needs of the client.

Landscape Survey

    Please answer the following questions so we can get an idea of what you're looking for and of your landscape goals. It's okay if you are not exactly sure at this time, just give it your best shot and we can expand on this once we meet on site.

    1. Are you, or at least do you think you are, living in your forever home?

    2. Do you have any kids living with you?

    3. Any pets that use the yard?

    6. Do you have a land survey available to share?

    14. On a scale of 1-10, how important is using native plants to you? 1 being, "I don't care"; 10 being "Use all natives, less water and less maintenance please!"